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Santa Claus suits - Mrs Claus Costumes - Santa's Helpers Costumes - Top quality

Professional Santa Claus suits and other high quality Christmas costumes. We are proud to sale the Original Santa suit.

High quality suit for professional Santa Claus


Santa complete v10082

Santa-Suit-complete 129,95€

Santa Velvet complete v10083

Santa-Suit-Velvet-complete 259,95€

Santa Plush complete v10084

Santa-Suit-Plush-complete 219,95€

Santa Claus USA 05B v10081

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-05B 169,95€

Santa Claus USA 07A v10091

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-07A 329,95€

Santa Claus USA 04A v10077

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-04A 199,95€

Santa Claus USA 04B v10078

Santa-Claus-Suit-04B 219,95€

Santa Claus USA 06A v10090

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-06A 199,95€

Santa Claus USA 01B v10073

Professional-Santa-Suit-USA-01B 359,95€

Santa Claus USA 02A v10074

Santa-Claus-suit-USA-02A 329,95€

Father Christmas USA 02B v10075

Father-Christmas-Suit-USA-02B 359,95€

Santa Vest USA 02 v10086

Santa-Claus-Vest-USA-02 59,95€

Santa Pants USA 02A v10087

Santa-Claus-Pants-USA-02A 125,95€

Christmas Overalls USA 02 v10085

Father-Christmas-Overalls-USA-02 235,95€

Majestic Santa Claus v10040

Professional-Majestic-Santa-Claus-Suit 649,95€

Majestic Santa Claus B v10079

Professional-Santa-Claus-B 729,95€

Mrs Claus USA 02B v20043

Mrs-Claus-Dress 199,95€

Mrs Claus M2 v29645

Mrs-Claus-Suit-M2 49,95€

Mrs Claus 22 v29644

Mrs-Claus-Long-Dress 24,95€

Santa Claus parade mascot v39456

Santa-Claus-parade-mascot 89,95€

Elf H3 v10089

Elf-Suit-H3 99,95€

Elf F1 v29178

Elf-F1 59,95€

Elf Costume F4 v29858

Elf-Costume-F4 24,95€

Elf Man H2 v19731

Elf-Man-Costume-H2 26,95€

Elf Man XL-H2 v19732

Elf-Man-Costume-XL-H2 29,95€

Santa Hat USA 02 An0127

Santa-Hat-USA-02 28,95€

Santa Claus Tradi M1 P40240

Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1 89,95€

Santa Claus Tradi M2 P40241

Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1 114,95€

Mrs. Claus P40239

Mrs.-Claus 64,95€

Christmas Eyebrow-Stick An0115

Christmas-Eyebrow-Stick 3,95€

Santa Eyebrows An0116


White Luxurious Gloves An0123

White-Luxurious-Gloves 16,95€

Stuffed Belly An0122

Santa-stuffed-belly-professional 49,95€

Santa Belt M4 An0118

Santa-Belt-M4 24,95€

SLuxurious Santa Belt An0117


Leather Santa Belt An0163


Santa Cast Buckle An0164

Santa-Cast-Buckle 29,95€

Santa Claus Suspenders An0129

Santa-Claus-Suspenders 29,95€

Velvet Toy Bag An0124


Velvet Toy Bag M2 An0157


Plush Toy Bag An0125

Plush-Toy-Bag 34,95€

Majestic Toy Bag An0126

Majestic-Toy-Bag 48,95€

Santa`s Boot Tops An0119

Santa-Boot-Tops 39,95€

Santa Boots std As0039

Santa-Boots-Standard 94,95€

Santa Boots std2 As0084

Santa-Boots-std2 96,95€

Santa Claus Boots As0041

Santa-Claus-Boots-Wide-Calf 99,95€

Black Boots H3 As0083

Black-Boots-H3 75,95€

Black Boots H2 As0042

Black-Boots-H2 84,95€

Black Elf High-Boots As0011

Black-Elf-High-Boots 49,95€

Green Elf High-Boots As0010

Green-Elf-High-Boots 49,95€

Elf shoes M3 Ax1054

Elf-shoes-M3 29,95€

Elf shoes M2 Ax1049

Elf-shoes-M2 15,95€

Christmas hat chair covers Dz0080

Christmas-hat-chair-covers 2,45€

Christmas Bell An0156

Christmas-Bell 32,95€

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