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Santa suit velvet complete at Atelier Mascarade, professional disguise seller

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-04A 199,95€

Santa Claus Suit USA 04A v10077

Santa-Suit-complete 129,95€

Santa Suit complete v10082

Santa-Suit-Plush-complete 219,95€

Santa Suit Plush complete v10084

Professional-Santa-Suit-USA-01B 359,95€

Professional Santa Suit USA 01B v10073

Santa-stuffed-belly-professional 49,95€

Santa`s stuffed belly - professional - An0122


Référence v10083

259,95€ Top quality

This complete Santa Claus suit includes everything to be Santa himself !

Here is a 10 Pieces complete burgundy velvet Santa Claus suit trimmed with white plush.

This suit includes :
Coat, pants with pockets, hat, belt with buckle, boot tops with matching white plush cuff, gloves, glasses, eyebrow stick, wig and beard.

You can add a stuffed belly (should you need one!) as this Santa Claus suit designed to accept one.

L-XL : Chest circumference up to 120cm (47in) - Waist circumference up to 104cm (40.9in)
XXL-XXXL : Chest circumference up to 150cm (59in) - Waist circumference up to 140cm(55in)

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P40240 89,95€ Santa Claus Tradi Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1

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v10081 169,95€ Santa Claus USA 05B Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-05B

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v10078 219,95€ Santa Claus USA 04B Santa-Claus-Suit-04B

v10090 199,95€ Santa Claus USA 06A Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-06A

v10040 649,95€ Majestic Santa Claus Professional-Majestic-Santa-Claus-Suit

As0084 96,95€ Santa Boots std2 Santa-Boots-std2

v10074 329,95€ Santa Claus USA 02A Santa-Claus-suit-USA-02A

An0125 34,95€ Plush Toy Bag Plush-Toy-Bag

v10075 359,95€ Father Christmas USA 02B Father-Christmas-Suit-USA-02B

P40241 114,95€ Santa Claus Tradi Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1

An0115 3,95€ Christmas Eyebrow-Stick Christmas-Eyebrow-Stick

An0117 48,95€ SLuxurious Santa Belt SLuxurious-Santa-Belt

An0157 39,95€ Velvet Toy Bag Velvet-Toy-Bag-M2

v10085 235,95€ Christmas Overalls USA Father-Christmas-Overalls-USA-02

An0164 29,95€ Santa Cast Buckle Santa-Cast-Buckle

As0042 84,95€ Black Boots Black-Boots-H2

v29645 49,95€ Mrs Claus Mrs-Claus-Suit-M2

An0116 19,95€ Santa Eyebrows Santa-Eyebrows

An0119 39,95€ Santa`s Boot Tops Santa-Boot-Tops

An0126 48,95€ Majestic Toy Bag Majestic-Toy-Bag

An0163 225,00€ Leather Santa Belt Leather-Santa-Belt

Ax1049 15,95€ Elf shoes Elf-shoes-M2

Ax1054 29,95€ Elf shoes Elf-shoes-M3

P40239 64,95€ Mrs. Claus Mrs.-Claus

v10079 729,95€ Majestic Santa Claus B Professional-Santa-Claus-B

v10086 59,95€ Santa Vest USA Santa-Claus-Vest-USA-02

v10087 125,95€ Santa Pants USA 02A Santa-Claus-Pants-USA-02A

v19731 26,95€ Elf Man Elf-Man-Costume-H2



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